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Peter B
Wednesday, November 28 2018 08:04 AM
01133501378 - Ringing everyday several times per day, and when you answer the phone they do not speak, getting paid for doing absolutely nothing, I hope their boss looks for comments on here and sacks the bloody lot of them.
Peter B
Monday, May 22 2017 11:06 AM
02033264637 - They ring you but don't leave message on answer phone, and when you answer they don't say anything just hang up. They're obviously getting paid for everyone who answers and are not doing the job they're being paid to do. Some poor mug is paying them a wage for doing absolutely doing nothing.
Peter B
Friday, January 20 2017 10:52 AM
01162414497 - Apparently it is a BT fixed line in Leicester. A regular silent caller, what a pity his or her boss doesn't visit these kind of pages, and then they can see that they're not earning the wages they are stupidly paying them. They have just called me and hung up on me without saying a word, BUT I have NOT hung up, so as far as I'm aware until I do! They will not be able to call anyone else. Well I'm not bothered about using my landline phone because of idiots like them. I will leave it off the hook until I go to bed tonight ;) Friday 20th Jan 2017 3:00pm

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