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Philip Fear
Wednesday, November 25 2020 01:31 PM
The telephone number 01132170461 is a Virgin Media fixed line telephone number
allocated to the account owners of this telephone number who are the Virgin media bill payers as this telephone number has been installed by Virgin Media at the account owners address. The account owners at the address where the telephone number has been installed by Virgin Media are not named Stay beautiful or have any association with this company or its owners or named directors whatsoever. The fraud that is being linked to is to the company named Stay beautiful who are NOT the bill payers of this telephone number 01132170461. The bill payers who have this telephone number 01132170461 and paid its bill to Virgin Media since the telephone number 01132170461 was installed and connected at there address are not associated or related to any content of this company named Stay beautiful that has been reported to the Police authorities for vio.ation and use of the telephone ni,her 01132170461 advertised on there website and directories they have not removed when asked to do so by the bill payers who have this number since year 2012 when this number was installed at there address.
Philip Fear
Tuesday, May 28 2013 06:35 AM
The telephone number 01132170461 is now being used by Multi-Treatments Limited
Stay beautiful are no longer the company in charge of this number or using this number that is being advertised on the internet.

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